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Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) former co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş has said that “a secret organization within the state brings its agenda into action step by step via planned operations.”

In a message he sent from the Edirne Prison through his lawyers on Aug. 6, Demirtaş said that he has strong evidence against those involved in the “political plot” against the HDP.

“A group that organized secretly within the state is realizing its aims step by step via planned operations. This secret group has legs in politics, judiciary, bureaucracy, media and the capital. My advice to people would be for them to not be a partner in these serious crimes,” Demirtaş said.

“We need to state what has been going on in the country properly. The constitutional order is being changed and an authoritarian regime is being constructed. This is not carried out through open political methods only. Public power is being used illegally and flagrantly,” he also said.

Saying that the arrests and detentions against the HDP were carried out with the same motive, Demirtaş noted that the party has strong evidence and documents against those involved in the “political plot.”

“The operation against us was conducted to build an authoritarian regime. We have strong legal documents and evidence against those involved in this plot,” he said.

“This group is also at the center of the operations carried out against opposition circles besides us. No one should be a partner to these serious crimes, because the people will make a decision one day and justice will be served. The evidence to be put forward would undoubtedly trigger an effective legal process,” he said.

Urging the 83 million people in Turkey to unite, Demirtaş said, “This country belongs to all of us.”

“We’ll live in peace and build a strong democracy altogether. Don’t lose your hope, courage and resistance. The good will definitely win!” he said.