Duvar English

Individuals close to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) were appointed to vacated posts in the Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK).

After a number of officials from the THK from the provinces of Eskişehir and Muğla resigned from their posts, they were replaced with people close to or members of the AKP government, according to a report in the daily Sözcü.

According to the report, an official from the THK’s branch in Eskişehir resigned after pressure from the administration, and was replaced by the 26-year-old son of Harun Karacan, an AKP parliamentarian from Eskişehir who was also the former AKP vice chairman.

One appointee to a vacated post in the province of Muğla was Okan Yaktın, the deputy mayor of the AKP-governed district of Köyceğiz. Another appointee was Mehmet Nadi Pirci, a former AKP district municipal council member.

According to Mustafa Mutlu Pekergin, a member of the supervisory board of the THK Köyceğiz branch, the appointments are unlawful.

“According to the THK charter, the headquarters cannot make just any person a member, and without being a member it is impossible to become a member of the governing board. The appointments are in violation of the constitution, the code of civil law, the law of associations, and the THK charter. What needs to happen is for the general assembly to gather as soon as possible,” Pekergin said.