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The Turkish presidency has released an anthem and a video marking the 473rd anniversary of the Battle of Preveza which took place near the port of Prevaza in northwestern Greece in 1538.

The naval battle ended with the victory of the Ottoman fleet over the “Holy Crusader League” coalition organized by Pope Paul III, and this victory secured Ottoman sovereignty over the Mediterranean for a long time.

The video shared by the Turkish presidency is a historic recreation of the Battle of Preveza, but also includes various shots of Turkish naval officers.

Arif Nihat Asya’s poem, “Bayrak (Flag)”, recited by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was also featured in the video that explained Turkey’s struggle for the “Blue Homeland.”

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun shared the video on his Twitter account along with the hashtag of #PrevezeDenizZaferi (Victory of Battle of Preveza) and the message of: “Oh world! Listen to me, I am the son of a martyr, of a homeland with the crescent-star, the blood of my ancestors flows through my veins, we die and take lives for the blue homeland. For the memory of all our naval martyrs and veterans…”

Erdoğan on Sept. 26 sent a message on the occasion of the anniversary of Battle of Preveza and said that this battle was a turning point in Turkish history.

“With the awareness of how important it is to defend our Blue Homeland, we continue to protect our rights and interests in our seas with a strong will and unshakable faith,” Erdoğan said in his message.

He said that one who wanted to keep the peace must prepare for war.

“Recent events in the world and especially in the Mediterranean show us that we should be much stronger in the seas, as in every field,” he said.