Public transportation fares in Istanbul increase by 51 pct

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) on Aug. 8 decided to increase public transportation fares by 51 percent. Taxi drivers left the UKOME meeting after the 75 percent increase in their fare did not meet their demands.

Duvar English

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) on Aug. 8 held a meeting to determine the price hikes in public transportation fees in the province amid soaring fuel prices and agreed on a 51.52 percent increase. 

The UKOME consists of both municipal and government representatives with the majority of the latter. Prior to this meeting, the municipality notified Transportation Ministry representatives that it demanded a 57% increase in transportation fees, yet the ministry found the proposal too high.

According to the new increase accepted by the majority, the full ticket increased from 9.90 to 15 Turkish liras ($0.56), and the student ticket from 4.83 to 7.32 liras ($0.27). Metrobus fares increased to 22.5 liras ($0.83). 

Also, the fee of a monthly pass wants to increased from 777 TL to 1,177 liras ($43.56) for regular commuters, whereas from 140 TL to 212 liras ($7.85) for students. 

The minimum fare for minibusses also increased from 7 liras to 12 liras, while the fare for students increased from 5 liras to 8 liras.

The distance fee for school buses between 0-1 kilometer was increased from 792 liras to 1300 liras. Staff shuttle fees were increased from 422.40 liras to 640.02 liras.

Taxi drivers leave meeting after hike announcement 

The lowest taxi fare increased by 75 percent from 40 liras to 70 liras ($2,60). Taxis will also charge 13.75 liras per kilometer according to new fares.

Taxi drivers left the meeting after the announcement when the raise came in lower than they demanded.

The head of the taxi owners' association Eyüp Aksu stated that they found the hike very low and they will cease their operations as a protest soon. He also added that they will not adjust the taximeters according to the new hikes.

Taxi drivers had asked for a 100 percent increase in the negotiations last week, citing the increase in fuel prices and inflation.

The new prices will be introduced on August 11 for public transportation and August 14 for taxis and minibusses.

The government increased the minimum wage by 32 percent on July 1 to 11,402 liras ($422). However, the increase in the minimum wage was followed by hikes in many areas and new records in foreign exchange rates. 

Along with the 52 percent hike in fuel in the last month, public transportation in nine different cities was increased by up to 80 percent in the last week alone.