Radical Islamists, police clash in Turkey's southeast

A group of radical Islamists has clashed with the police in Turkey's southeast after the latter raided a bookstore belonging to the former.

Duvar English 

A group of radical Islamists has clashed with police in Turkey's southeastern province of Bingöl after security forces raided a bookstore belonging to the jihadists.

Police carried out an operation against the Tevhid Bookstore with the demand for it to be closed late on Dec. 27, but was met with resistance from the Islamist group. 

A brawl erupted between the security forces and the group, which then turned into a clash. 

Police opened fire in the air to disperse the jihadists, who threw rocks and sticks at them. Some were heard shouting "Allahu Akbar," meaning "God is great," during the clashes. 

The bookstore was also being used as a place to give Islamic education to children, several sources said. 

Tevhid Bookstore is known for featuring Halis Bayancuk, known as Abu Hanzala, as its lead writer. 

Bayancuk is currently imprisoned on charges of "forming and leading an armed terrorist organization" over his links with Al-Qaeda. He was also tried previously over being a senior ISIS operative in Turkey.