Religious cult members assault Education Ministry official inspecting dorm

Members of the religious Suleimani cult on Nov. 29 assaulted the National Education Ministry official who was inspecting a student dorm allegedly run by the cult in Turkey’s Black Sea province of Ordu.

Duvar English

National Education Ministry provincial chair Engin Aktaş on Nov. 29 was assaulted by members of the religious Suleimani cult after he inspected a student dormitory allegedly run by the cult in Turkey’s Black Sea province Ordu. 

During his inspection, Aktaş found that two underage students staying at the dormitory were unregistered. Aktaş called in the gendarmerie upon finding the unregistered students, reported the daily BirGün.  

Cult members assaulted the inspector once the gendarmeria left having taken a statement. Aktaş pressed charges against the dormitory officials and the gendarmerie officers. 

Police took Aktaş to the hospital for a health check, where he received a report of incapacitation. 

The Education Union in Ordu reacted to the assault and said that the attack was done against secular education. Their statement read, “We are trying to draw attention to the reactionary, religious and commercial turn in education, and fighting for secular, scientific, and public education for years.”

“This incident shows us the blatant disregard of law and the extent of lawlessness. It cannot be seen as separate from politics.”

The union also drew attention to the various scandals associated with cult-run dormitories in Turkey. “People who dismiss the abuse cases in the cult and religious sect-run dormitories schools as exceptions are the real culprits.”  

“The Turkish government legitimizes Islamic cults and their similar mindset is what creates the darkness that engulfs our students,” said the union.