Rock legend Roger Waters calls on Erdoğan to release Kurdish musician

Rock legend Roger Waters has called on President Erdoğan to release a Kurdish musician locked up in Turkey for signing in her mother tongue. Waters made the call during a ceremony supported by the Culture Ministry.

Duvar English 

Pink Floyd co-founder and rock legend Roger Waters has called on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to release a Kurdish musician sentenced to 19 years in prison for singing in her mother tongue. 

Waters commented on Nûdem Durak's imprisonment during a ceremony organized by a Turkish university and supported by Turkey's Culture Ministry, during which he was given an award for raising his voice for Palestinians in the face of Israeli oppression.

During the online ceremony on June 18, Waters told Deputy Culture Minister Özgül Özkan Yavuz, who was seen smiling the whole time, that Durak should be released. 

"Please, President Erdoğan, I implore you. Look into the case of a young woman sentenced to 19 years incarceration for the crime of singing songs in her native tongue," Waters said. 

"Just do the right thing. Please, sir, pardon Nûdem Durak" he added. 

Referring to him being at the ceremony for supporting Palestinians, Waters said, "I know she is not a Palestinian, but she is a human being." 

"She is locked up and she should be set free," the musician added.