AKP ally HÜDA-PAR calls for criminalization of extra-marital relationships, defends single-sex education

The ruling AKP’s ally HÜDA-PAR has called for the criminalization of extra-marital relationships and for the expansion of single-sex education.

HÜDA-PAR Vice Chair Mahmut Şahin is seen in this photo.

Duvar English

Radical Islamist Free Cause Party (HÜDA-PAR), which is entering the elections under the parliamentary candidate lists of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), on April 12 revealed its “2023 Elections Vision Document.”

The document announced by HÜDA-PAR Vice Chair Mahmut Şahin praised the executive presidential system and argued that the parliamentary system creates instability.

The party said that it will continue to work to “stop non-spirituality and moral corruption” and “protect and strengthen the family (institution) against deviant understandings.”

The document listed promised actions of the party under the “youth” and “education” topics, demanding that mixed-sex education be no longer compulsory.

“HÜDA-PAR should be in the parliament for our youth to be religious, moral, educated and to have jobs, for moral education to be provided to the new generations, aside from information and abilities, for mixed-education to be no longer compulsory, for service bus and food to be provided to our students,” the document said.

The party also said women’s working conditions should be revised so that they “befit their nature.” It further called for the “revision” of Law No. 6284 to Protect Family and Prevent Violence Against Women and demanded that adultery be criminalized. 

“HÜDA-PAR should be in the parliament for the family institution to be protected and strengthened against harmful trends that demoralize generations, for the criminalization of extra-marital relations that break families, extra-marital unions and adulteries, for the perversion propaganda to be considered as crime and for the protection of new generations from harmful trends, for the revision of Law No. 6284, for the dismissal of unlimited alimony implementation, and for retirement pension to be provided to women who have completed 25 years in marriage,” it said.

HÜDA-PAR chair Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, genel secretary Şehzade Demir, party spokesperson Serkan Ramanlı and general executive board member Faruk Dinç were nominated for deputyship under the AKP lists for the May 14 elections.