Salmonella found in meat imported by Turkey’s Meat and Milk Board

Turkey’s Meat and Milk Board confirmed the allegations that salmonella bacteria were found in some meat imported by the state-run enterprise. It was announced that the meat reportedly imported from Ukraine would be destroyed.

Duvar English

Turkey’s Meat and Milk Board on May 27 announced that following their analyses, they have decided to destroy meat which found to be contaminated with salmonella and emphasized that these products have not be used in production or sold.

Previously, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chair Erhan Adem had reacted against Agriculture and Forestry Minister İbrahim Yumaklı and announced that salmonella was detected in one lorry of carcass meat from Ukraine.

Adem has said, "You cannot allow the public to eat diseased meat. In the face of this negligence and grave incident, we call on you and all other responsible persons to resign immediately."

The state-run Meat and Milk Board sells meat at more affordable prices than market prices with its stores across the country.

In its statement, the board stated that within the framework of food safety, samples have been taken for examination by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry at the entry of imported meat into the country and necessary analyses are carried out in accredited laboratories.

In this context, the board noted that in microbiological analyses carried out on May 9 had given results in contrary to hygiene standards in a batch of products.

The board stated that it decided to destroy the salmonella contaminated meat, and added, “The contractor company representative is expected to complete the destruction process. It is not possible to use or sell the products in question in any way.”

The board did not specify the origin country of the imported meats.