Serkan Alan/ DUVAR

A parliamentary commission on technology addiction has prepared a report recommending certain methods geared towards combating this addiction, which include preventing parents from giving their children tablets or smartphones while at restaurants and malls, and encouraging that the concept of internet addiction be addressed in the Friday sermons at mosques. 

According to the report which was put together following a six-month study, those experiencing problems with technology addiction can call the “Alo 191” hotline to receive social support. It recommended that children ages 0-3 not be given technological devices, while children up to the age of 12 should also not have their own devices but should use them together with family members. 

The report said that parents should not use technological devices as a reward or punishment, and said that parents, au pairs and daycare staff should be briefed on how to properly introduce children between the ages of 0-6 to technology. 

The commission determined in its report that in Turkey’s major cities, a lack of green spaces, parks, and places to socialize has resulted in a major problem regarding the social, moral and physical development of children, and the insufficient presence of these spaces is one of the reasons for children’s excessive use of technological devices. As a solution, the report recommended that parks and sport facilities be designed on a local level for the purpose of children spending time together. 

It also said that the Ministry of Tourism and Culture should improve its policies in terms of cinema, theatre and other cultural activities for chidren, and that the Friday sermons at mosques should inform families regarding the potential harms resulting from internet usage.