Turkey's communication authority to ban sales of 11 'unsafe' models of phones

Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) found 11 different models of smart phones and radio phones to be unsafe. Xiaomi, KAAN and BB Mobile are amongst the companies whose products failed inspections.

Duvar English

Eleven different models smart phones and radiophones have been deemed 'unsafe' and will be recalled by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK).

BTK has banned sale of the unsafe devices, which include smart phones by Xiaomi, KAAN and BB Mobile.

Here' the full list of unsafe devices:

  • N1 by KAAN (Smart phone)
  • UV-5R by BAOFENG (Amateur radiophone)
  • BF-888S by BAOFENG (UHF hand-held radio)
  • MI 5S (2015711-A7) by Xiaomi (Mobile phone)
  • C5 by Concord (Mobile phone)
  • S780 by SFE (Low-power radiophone)
  • B1280 by BB Mobile (Mobile phone)
  • Q11 by Quatro (Mobile phone)
  • T-328PMR by Yanton (Low-power radiophone)
  • M-446 by Ritera (Low-power radiophone)
  • MARS PRO-446 by Mars (Low-power radiophone)