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A UK court handed down a two-year prison sentence this week to Turkish hacker Kerem Albayrak, who tried to blackmail the company in a YouTube video he published where he claimed to have hacked into more than 300 million iCloud storage accounts. Appearing in court the other day, the 22-year-old Albayrak had shared images of the iCloud accounts he had hacked into in the YouTube video. 

Albayrak, the leader of the hacker group Turkish Crime Family, threatened to erase the storage of the 300 million accounts if Apple did not pay a ransom of a 133,000 pound Bitcoin and an 837 pound iTunes coupon. Albayrak, who lives in the Hornsey in North London, had his sentence suspended and will perform 300 hours of community service and will have to wear an electronic bracelet for six months. 

In March 2017, Albayrak had threatened to sell the information of certain accounts and demanded a $75,000 Bitcoin from the company. Also, he requested a $100 iTunes gift card in exchange for him not deleting the storage of certain iCloud accounts. Albayrak was also reportedly involved in WannaCry, a global cyber attack in 2017 that infected hundreds of thousands fo computers.