Second İYİ lawmaker resigns from party

Nationalist opposition İYİ lawmaker Adnan Beker became the second MP to resign from the party in two weeks. A telephone survey for his name has been reportedly conducted for a possible mayorship bid for the 2024 Local Elections in the capital Ankara.

Duvar English

Nationalist opposition Good (İYİ) Party Ankara deputy Adnan Beker on Nov. 16 resigned from the party. 

He became the second lawmaker who resigned from the party in a week after MP Nebi Hatipoğlu’s resignation on Nov. 2 before joining the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Beker did not provide specific reasons in his statement on X regarding his resignation and only underscored that it had become impossible for him to make contributions to the public under İYİ.

He mentioned all of his “positions and achievements” in İYİ since 2017 in great length in the resignation letter to the public and did not specify any problem that he might be experiencing with the party cadres and administration as Hatipoğlu did.

On the other hand, a telephone survey has been reportedly conducted for some time regarding Beker's candidacy for the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. People in Ankara, contacted via fixed telephone, have been asked, "Would you like to see Adnan Beker as a candidate for the Municipality of Ankara?"

İYİ planned to announce the party's mayoral candidates to the public, including Ankara and Istanbul, by early December for the local elections to be held on March 31, 2024, after closing the doors to alliances with other parties.