Second mining accident strikes Turkey in two weeks

A cave-in took place at a mine in Turkey's Elazığ province, leading to the entrapment of four miners. They were successfully rescued from the site. The incident came just two weeks after the mining disaster in Erzincan province, where nine workers have been trapped under a cyanide-exposed mass.

Duvar English

A cave-in on Feb. 26 occurred in a private chrome mine in the Palu district of Turkey’s eastern Elazığ province and four workers were trapped under it.

All four workers were rescued in the following hours after the accident, which took place at around 10.00 a.m. (local time).

One worker was injured in the incident, while three others were in good health, according to the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry.

Elazığ Governor’s Office announced that a judicial and administrative investigation was initiated regarding the incident.

The cyanide-laden waste soil heap weighing millions of tons collapsed at a gold mine in the country's eastern Erzincan province on Feb. 13, trapping nine workers and exposing toxic chemicals to the environment. The workers have not been rescued even after two weeks.