Seven passengers caught at Istanbul Airport with 11 kg of cocaine in stomachs

Seven passengers flying to Istanbul Airport were found to be carrying a total of 11 kilograms of cocaine inside their stomachs.

Duvar English

The Turkish narcotic teams have seized 11 kilos of cocaine in the stomachs of seven drug couriers, called 'swallowers', in two separate operations carried out at Istanbul Airport, Demirören News Agency reported on March 21. 

The teams initially determined that some passengers of Tanzanian nationality traveling on the planes from Ethiopia to Istanbul may be drug couriers, called 'swallowers'. 

Six passengers were checked with the ‘swallower’ detection device at Istanbul Airport. Afterwards, they were taken to a health institution where scans and examinations showed that they were carrying 761 capsules of cocaine with a total weight of 10 kilos and 420 grams in their stomachs. 

In a separate operation, the narcotic teams inspected a suspect upon receiving information that he was also a 'swallower.' The suspect was determined to be carrying 760 grams of cocaine in 48 capsules in his stomach.

Also, a Nigerian national who was scheduled to meet with the couriers in question was detained. 

In two of the operations, a total of 11 kilos and 180 grams of cocaine were seized, and eight people, including the organizer and seven couriers, were detained.

The suspects were later referred to a court which ruled for their arrest.