Social media influencer in Turkey attacked after days-long transphobic bullying

Social media influencer Mika Raun, along with her boyfriend and family, was attacked by a group following days of transphobic harassment and bullying on social media.

Duvar English

Famous influencer Mika Raun was physically attacked by unknown individuals in Turkey while with her boyfriend and family, following a days-long transphobic smear campaign against her on social media.

Raun has been known for her social media presence, particularly on Instagram with more than a million followers. As a trans woman, she recently shared some videos with her boyfriend and began to be the target of transphobic attacks on social media.

On the night of 18 June, Raun shared her bleeding face in an Instagram story and said, "We were attacked for minutes, I am being taken to the hospital." 

Raun shares her story about the attack.

She previously shared her holiday with her boyfriend and family before the attack. 

The government’s anti-LGBTI+ stance has accelerated particularly in recent years particularly with hate speech delivered by high-level state representatives including President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and many ministers.

Istanbul’s LGBTI+ community celebrates Trans Pride Week from June 17-23 and LGBTI+ Pride Week from June 24-30 against the heightening hate environment in the country.