Zeynep was the most popular name for female babies in Turkey for the year 2019, and Yusuf was the most popular name for male babies.

A total of 1,180,840 babies were born in Turkey in 2019, with 51% males and the rest females.

While Zeynep won the most popular girls’ name in 2019 with 13,420 babies given the name, the next in line was Elif with 8,586 and then Defne, with 6,886 babies named that.

Other popular girls names in 2019 were Asel, Azra, Eylül, Ebrar, Asya, Öykü and Ecrin.

Turkey welcomed 8,816 babies with the name Yusuf, granting it first place in the ranking for male baby names. The Turkish spelling for ‘Joseph’ was followed by 7,713 babies receiving the name Eymen and 6,857 being named Miraç.

Other popular names for male babies were Ömer Asaf, Ömer, Mustafa, Kerem, Miran, Hamza and Emir.

The most popular names in Turkish population are…

The most popular woman’s name in Turkey is Fatma with 2,678,292 individuals who carry it. The most popular man’s name on the other hand is Mehmet with 2,737,031 individuals carrying it.

Among the most popular male names in general in Turkey are Ali, Hüseyin, Hasan, İbrahim, İsmail, Yusuf and Osman, while Hatice, Zeynep, Elif, Meryem, Şerife, Zehra and Sultan top the list among women in Turkey.