Duvar English – Anadolu Agency

In the Eğil district of the predominantly-Kurdish, southeastern province of Diyarbakır, due to the fact that students in the Şehit Mehmet Aygün Middle School lack an actual computer class, they have built their own from cardboard and paper. Their teacher, Orkun Şahin, said that due to a lack of resources, he was forced to introduce computers to his students in this experimental manner. 

“The project I prepared involved drawing pictures on the blackboard of computer parts. I requested that my students, in their own capacity, and based on their own knowledge and ability, prepare these projects at home and bring them to class. Some of them made keyboards, mouses, and screens. The purpose of this project was to show children computers in some way. We don’t have a computer class but it is as if they have computers in front of them,” Şahin said. 

Şahin said that the project was successful in introducing students at the very least to understand what computers, and their main components including mouses and keyboards, were all about. He added that in spite of the successful project, his students’ biggest dream was to be able to access and use real computers. 

“I’ve never used a computer before. Now in my mind I now what a computer is. Our teacher explained what keys are used for the relevant functions. I’ve only seen computers on TV, and I’ve never touched one,” said student Sevda Aslan. 

“I’ve never touched a computer, but [while doing this project] at home, it was as if I touched one, and it was a wonderful feeling,” said student Suna Malçok, while another student Muhammed Malçok added “I’ve seen computers but I’ve never touched them. It was a beautiful feeling. Without computers, our teacher is teaching us about them. I am thankful for him,” he said.