Some 30 private sector teachers detained in protest against low wages and dismissals in Istanbul

Turkish police have prevented the Private Sector Teachers' Union members from protesting low wages and dismissals in Istanbul’s Taksim Square. The police detained at least 30 teachers, some by being handcuffed from behind.

Duvar English

Turkey’s Private Sector Teachers' Union on Aug. 30 wanted to protest low wages and dismissals in colleges and private schools in Istanbul’s Taksim Square. The police prevented teachers from protesting and detained at least 30 of them, some by being handcuffed from behind.

30 people, including the union head Eren Edebali, board members and representatives, were taken to Vatan Police Station.

A passer-by was detained along with the demonstrators for reacting to the police’s intervention.

The union shared the moments of detention on Twitter and said “Teachers have started to be detained by being handcuffed from behind! Long live our just struggle! Long live our professional honor! Teachers will teach the lesson of struggle!”

In a statement during the protest, the union members said “(Education Minister) Yusuf Tekin says, 'I am the minister of capital and I will do whatever the bosses say.' From here, we call out to the bosses and their minister again: 'Private sector teachers will not obey this corrupt system,'.”

“Private sector teachers are now organized and we know that no boss can stand against organized and resisting teachers! You cannot condemn teachers to miserable wages. We will continue our struggle on this issue until we get our base salary right, which was abolished in 2014. We refuse to work for the minimum wage, we rebel against working below the minimum wage!,” the statement added.

The teachers added that they want to abolish “the 'ten-month' contracts that condemn the teacher to starvation during the summer holidays. You cannot intimidate us by dismissing our friends who are in the unions. Teachers are not your slaves.”