Some 38 pct of Turkey's population suffer from mental illnesses, insurance giant reports

Some 38 percent of people in Turkey have been suffering from mental illnesses in 2024. Turkey ranked second after America among 16 countries, according to the "Mind Health Report" prepared by insurance giant AXA.

The "Thinking Man" statue at the Istanbul's historic Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital.

Duvar English

Turkey had the second-highest population ratio of those who have been suffering from mental illnesses16 countries in 2024, according to the findings of a survey titled "Mind Health Report 2024" commissioned by the French insurance company AXA to the public opinion research company Ipsos.

While up to 40 percent of the United States (US) struggle with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or eating disorders, Turkey ranked second on the list with 38 percent, according to the reporting of Deutche Welle Turkish's reporting based on the report.

Compared to 2023, the situation worsened in most countries in 2024, while the increase reached eight percent in Turkey.

Young people aged 18 to 34 are most likely to suffer from psychiatric problems. This is particularly true for 18-24-year-olds in Ireland, Turkey, and the U.S. However, the situation for 25-34 year olds in the USA and Turkey was even more worrying.

The rate of those who think that they have a mental illness through research on the internet or other sources is 36 percent in Turkey.