Spinoza commemorated in Istanbul’s Heybeliada with Turkish pastry on death anniversary

A university professor commemorated seventeenth-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza on the 347th anniversary of his death in Istanbul’s Heybeliada by giving out Turkish fried dough (“lokma”) to people.

Photo: Evrensel

Duvar English

Philosopher Baruch Spinoza was commemorated in Istanbul’s Heybeliada, the second largest of the Prince Islands in the Marmara Sea, with Turkish fried dough (“lokma”) on the 347th anniversary of his death, the daily Evrensel reported on Feb. 22.

Accordingly, a university professor ordered pastry chef Levent Usta to fry and give out lokma in front of his store, Heybeliada Lokmacısı.

Moreover, a photo of Spinoza with the remark “Glad you lived Spinoza!” was hung on the stand where lokma was fried.

In Turkey, it is a tradition to commemorate dead relatives and loved ones by giving out lokma to the public.

The pastry chef told Evrensel that a professor client of his had him give out lokma.

Spinoza died on Feb. 21, 1677, at the age of 44, after suffering from illnesses.