Hacı Bişkin / Duvar

The football team of the Kurdish-majority district of Şırnak’s Cizre, which had previously announced that it was withdrawing from the Turkish league citing discrimination against the club, has decided to return to the field, after local governor has thrown his support behind the team.

The club last week complained of the “injustices” suffered at the hands of the Turkish Football Federation (TTF) and the Central Referee Committee (MHK), saying it can no longer continue like this.

Following Cizrespor’s move, Şırnak Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan held talks with the club’s executitves. Cizre District Governor Davut Sinanoğlu and district gendarme commander also visited the club’s officials.

Sources told Gazete Duvar that Gov. Pehlivan had asked the club’s executives to reverse their withdrawal decision. “If you have any problem, I will help you. You are the only professional team of our region. Continue to partake in the league,” Pehlivan reportedly said.

The club’s executives told the governor about the difficulties that the club had been experiencing for many years, such as referees’ racist and nationalist stance which was leading to an unfair competition in the games. The club’s executives emphasized that local authorities should not leave Cizrespor alone in the face of ongoing discrimination.

Following these meetings, Cizrespor hit the field again and played with Payasspor on Feb. 15.