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Turkey will compete in eEURO 2020 organized jointly by Konami and UEFA.

Turkish Football Federation (TFF) said that the national team represented by Mücahit Sevimli and Ali Doğan Barutçu ranked third in the play-off group, gaining the right to compete in eEURO 2020.

The team competed against Spain, Denmark, Lithuania and Kazakhstan in play-offs after group competitions that included a total of 55 countries. Spain and Denmark will also compete in eEURO 2020.

In addition to Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Israel, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Montenegro, Austria and Croatia will be competing.

Sixteen teams will compete in four groups on May 23 and 24. The teams that rank first and second and in their groups will be quarter finalists.