Statements that will get Biden into a lot of trouble: Why does the FBI want to silence Luft?

Dr. Gal Luft was detained in Larnaca on 16 February. As an Energy and security expert, he was a consultant to the Chinese energy company CEFC. The beginning of the process that put Luft on target was the Biden family's unusual relationship with CEFC founder Ye Jianming. So what is it that makes the FBI go after Lutf and make the person they are chasing fear of being killed?

“I've been arrested in Cyprus on a politically motivated extradition request by the US. The US, claiming I'm an arms dealer. It would be funny if it weren't tragic. I've never been an arms dealer. DOJ is trying to bury me to protect Joe, Jim & Hunter Biden. Shall I name names?”

It was Dr. Gal Luft who challenged with a warning. He shared this on Twitter, three days after he was detained in Larnaca on February 16.

I were just about to say, “Is it a new case of Julian Assange?”, Luft himself drew this parallel in his statement, which he sent to me through his lawyer, Mordechai Tzivin. “This incident, reminiscent of the Julian Assange case, should concern every Israeli citizen,” said Luft, who is an Israeli and US citizen.

The USA continues to press for the extradition of Lutf, who was held in police custody in Larnaca. Israel also tries not to anger the Biden administration, while trying to move forward with the United States for a new military strategy against Iran.

Clearly, Luft is afraid of being killed without trial if sent to the US. He shared this fear with me through his close circle.

What caused the FBI go after Lutf and make the person they are chasing fear of being killed?

The whole story is essentially about US President Joe Biden and his family. The protagonist of the story is the president's son Hunter, who came to the fore with scandalous images and e-mails obtained from his phone and computer, and who recorded his father in the phone book as "Pedophile Peter". Biden's other son Jim and his brother James are the other protagonists of the story.

So what does Luft have to do with them?

As a specialist in the fields of energy and security Luft was an advisor to the Chinese energy company CEFC. The process that put Luft on the target began because of the Biden family's unusual relationship with CEFC founder Ye Jianming.


CEFC is a company that reflects all the contradictions in China-US relations.

In his own words, Ye Jianming finds a way out by buying the assets the government confiscated from the smuggling mogul in 2006, and then branding CEFC China Energy. The legend that Ye Jianming is the grandson of Field Marshal Ye Jianying abouth whom Mao said "He saved the Party, saved the Red Army, and saved us", told him "Godspeed!" Channels of political influence are opening up in China thanks to unconfirmed deliberate whispers. He starts trading oil futures; enters oil fields in conflict zones such as Chad, South Sudan and Iraq. Its investments are expanding in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. When he turns 40, he is among the super-rich in China. A company with $48 million in revenue in 2009 turns into a $37 billion giant in 2017.

Ye befriends and advises President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman. In this way, it makes room for its feet in Eastern Europe. It becomes a bridge in relations with China. We see him in the photo frame of Zeman meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing in 2015. He establishes relations with leaders such as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In Israel, he receives the Yakir award, which means the lover of the Jewish people, from the former Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Ye manages to establish a network of relations in the USA thanks to intermediaries including retired soldiers, diplomats and politicians. Among those Ye spoke to in 2015 is Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve Governor. CEFC pushes the boat out for relationships. He is donating $350,000 to the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security-IAGS where Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor Robert C. McFarlane and Clinton's CIA Director James Woolsey are on the showcase and which is led by Dr. Luft. From CEFC's donations, $100,000 falls to the Clinton Foundation's share. Donations to Columbia University amount to $500,000. The China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC-USA), established by CEFC, holds meetings in Hong Kong and Washington with the participation of American and Chinese retired soldiers.

Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, says he received a partnership offer of $1 million a year, but turned it down. What was expected of Inman was to ensure that the oil fields the company was planning to buy in Syria would not be bombed by the United States.


Hunter Biden was a pinnacle in Ye's network of relationships. These relations also brought the end of CEFC. Hunter Biden had given himself up over emails on his laptop he left the mechanic.

The person who led Ye into a relationship with the Biden family was former British intelligence officer and entrepreneur James Gilliar, coded as "MI6". Gilliar is also Hunter Biden's partner. According to information obtained from emails leaked to the American and British press, CEFC paid Hunter Biden $10 million under a three-year consulting contract. There was another small addition: $80,000 diamonds.

In an email to Hunter Biden in May 2017, Gilliar was talking about a joint venture with the CEFC. According to the agreement, Hunter was expected to have a 20 percent stake in the company and a salary of 850 thousand dollars. It was 10 percent for Joe Biden, who was coded as 'Big Guy'. One of the mediators in the establishment of this agreement was the former American marine Tony Bobulinski.

Bobulinski is the one who said the 'Big Guy' was Joe Biden.

In the eyes of the American administration, CEFC is not a simple company but one of the multi-purpose tools of the Chinese state and has been tracked since 2016. That's why he was prevented from buying shares in Cowen bank in 2017.


According to information shared with me with Luft's permission, Luft's path collided with Ye at an international conference. Luft was then director of IAGS. He received an invitation from Ye to China and began consulting CEFC in the field of energy.

While everything was going very well, Ye announced that he would buy a 14 percent stake in Russian oil giant Rosneft for $9 billion in September 2017.

According to the information conveyed to me by his relatives, Luft warned Ye that if he bought Rosneft, he would enter the radar of the United States and things would deteriorate, he said, "I'm not in this business." Ye, on the other hand, did not listen to Luft, saying, "I have a solid back in the US, I'm meeting with Hunter Biden, I pay money, he does whatever I want." Thus, Luft and Ye fall out with each other. The American administration acted as Lutf predicted.

Hunter Biden was getting inside information using the FBI mole called 'One Eye'. The so-called mole was none other than former FBI Director Louis Freeh.

In 2017, the mole brought information that Ye and former Hong Kong Home Secretary Patrick Ho were under investigation. Ye told Luft that they paid good money to this mole. An Asian, an African, and a Jew were named in a sealed indictment from the mole. According to Lutf, after this tip, Ye offered Hunter a private consultancy for a fee of $1 million. He soon flew to China, leaving his family at their $50 million apartment in Central Park West. Patrick Ho, who thought he was not in danger, was detained at JFK Airport on November 18, 2017. He was accused of bribing the leaders of Uganda and Chad, totaling $3 million, as well as mediating the evasion of sanctions on Iran. Ho was found guilty without hearing witnesses and without the charges being proven. In fact, he did not speak, did not give information, and refused the prosecutors' offer of cooperation. His conviction is also related to this reason. Ho spent 2.5 years in prison and was deported. Prosecutors were particularly trying to draw attention to allegations that China paid bribes for the Belt and Road Initiative. The investigation never reached the Biden family.

According to the emails on Hunter's laptop, the CEFC paid Hurter Biden $1 million to hire Ho's attorney and contact FBI sources. CEFC paid Hunter and Jim Biden an additional $4.9 million over the 14 months starting August 2017.

On March 1, 2017, CEFC sent $3 million to Robinson Walker LLC, the company of the Biden family business partner, John Robinson Walker, according to a March 16, 2023 notice from the House of Representatives Oversight Committee. 1 million 65 thousand 692 dollars of this money was transferred to different accounts of Biden family members within three months.

Between 2015 and 2017, the amount paid to Hunter, Jim, and Hallie Biden, the widow of their late brother Beau, from Robinson Walker's account, amounted to $1.3 million. (Hallie Biden came to the fore for her romantic relationship with Hunter Biden after her husband died.) On March 2, 2017, Robinson Walker LLC sent a $1 million 65 thousand transfer to the account of Hunter Biden's business partner James Gilliar's company in Abu Dhabi, EEIG.

Ye, who left the United States on time thanks to information leaked from inside the FBI, was detained and disappeared in China (probably on Xi's orders) in 2018. The Chinese government quickly unplugged the CEFC and the companies were put under public scrutiny.

In this process, Luft felt that he was being followed. He also left the USA in 2018. According to the information shared with me, the receipts of the payments made to Biden were with Ye's English translator. The translator happily called Luft and informed him that he had been accepted from a university in the USA. Luft, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, realized that this was a trap. Because the student did not meet the conditions of the university. He stated that as a Chinese citizen, he would get into trouble in the USA with those documents and said that he could give them to the Ministry of Justice. He thought he could secure himself that way. He went to China and received the documents. He contacted the US Department of Justice's Office of Investigation and informed him that he would testify in Israel. But Israeli law requires Israeli security forces to accompany an Israeli citizen if he or she is to testify to a foreign security agency. The US did not accept this. Thereupon, the meeting took place on 28-29 March 2019 in Brussels. Luft shared what he knew about the Biden family and FBI corruption and gave copies of the documents during the meeting, which was also attended by his American lawyer, Robert Henoch. However, the file was hushed up.

The House Oversight Committee learned that Luft's testimony had been suppressed while tracking the information on Hunter Biden's laptop. James Comer, Chairman of the Oversight Committee, became more interested in the issue.

Last February, some lawmakers and senators contacted Luft's lawyer, Henoch. When the FBI realized the situation, it went after Luft again. The fear of Luft, who has been cautious for a while, came true at Larnaca Airport on February 16. I was told there was an arrest warrant from Interpol, but the defense team says there is no such thing.

Israel, of which he is a citizen, gives the impression that he wants to take this job quietly. The defense team hopes for Lutf to be released at the scheduled hearing on April 4, after he has placed bail of 400,000 euros.


If Luft has serious documents, why is it hesitant to go to the USA? When he testifies, it is possible that the investigation will deepen with the support of the Republican wing and the Biden family will be cornered. Don't his lawyers say, "He'll bury Hunter Biden if he's allowed to testify"?

The following response was given to me from his close circle: “He is afraid of being killed. Under normal circumstances, he does not hesitate if he is brought to court. ‘Let them connect me with Zoom, I'll talk. If I go there, my life is in danger,’ he says. He has been held in police custody since February 17. We are afraid of poisoning there. If he is sent to the USA, he will have no chance. We don't want him to be extraditated. We have been having problems since 2019 but for the first time they were afraid that Gal would speak up. That's why they took action."

The burning dimension in Luft's statement is this: Hunter Biden was selling the intelligence information he got from his man in the FBI to the Chinese. The person who received the diamonds was Louis Freeh.

So what does Luft say to the accusation of selling weapons to China and Libya? He says, "My only 'sin' is that about a year and a half before the 2019 presidential election, I brought incriminating information to the attention of the FBI about the Biden family's business with China, as well as a corruption case in the United States. Since then, the US government has been waging a revenge campaign against me. Being extradited to the US in the midst of the cold war between the US and China would prevent me from getting a fair trial and is a real threat to my life."

The response I received from her close circle on this matter is as follows: “Gal received an e-mail from someone who was trying to procure weapons, but he did not respond. He is experienced and cautious enough to realize that this is a trap. If there was a crime, they would really have issued an arrest warrant from Interpol. There is no Interpol order. He was arrested under political pressure. During Gal's consulting period, the US and China were on good terms. There was no illegality. Gal was on good terms with most American officials. The problem arose from Ye's financial relationship with the Bidens. There are receipts of the transferred money and certificates of the diamonds given. It's all in Gal's hands. He has already shared copies of them with the Ministry of Justice. But they tried to cover up the investigation. Now the real issue is that the intelligence received from the FBI is sold to the Chinese rather than the money given. This is how the Chinese learned about the investigation being conducted against them.”

As a result, the Justice Department and the FBI are focusing on the photo of Chinese bribery doing business in Africa. It also targets China's Belt and Road Initiative. The issue is significantly related to Sino-American rivalry. On the other hand, the Biden family is forming a circle of fire around him. Luft is also wanted to be burned because he is approaching this circle. However, unlike the attitude that allows the file to be shelved in order not to affect the presidential election in 2020, it seems that the Republicans are after the job this time.

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