Superspreader woman infects 200 people in 6 days in Turkey's Sinop

A woman who socialized with a majority of her village in the Black Sea province of Sinop caused 200 people to be infected with COVID-19 in six days. The woman reportedly engaged with 41 households in the week following her husband's death.

Duvar English

A woman who socialized with her village in the Black Sea's Sinop province after her husband passed away infected some 200 people in six days, local doctors said. 

"This auntie's husband passed away. Her kids came to the funeral in Sinop. They ate helva, the kids go back. Then villagers start hosting her in their home to reconcile her," said Dr. Ömer Küçükdemirci of Sinop Atatürk State Hospital.

The woman then developed a fever and decided to host her neighbors in her home instead, the doctor said, adding that some people she socialized with died from COVID-19.

"It sounds like she entered 41 households in her village in six days," Küçükdemirci noted.

The professor added that the public shouldn't be too encouraged by the relaxation of COVID-19 measures by the state and that the normalization process doesn't mean that the pandemic is over.