Taliban militant's acceptance to Turkish university stirs debate

A Taliban member's remarks on getting accepted to a Turkish university have stirred debate. İnönü University rector Prof. Ahmet Kızılay didn't refute the Islamist militant's remarks and said, "We're following the issue closely."

Taliban forces stand guard inside Kabul, Afghanistan August 16, 2021.

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A Taliban member's acceptance to a Turkish university has stirred controversy, with the rector of the education institution releasing a statement that didn't refute the militant's remarks. 

Journalist Mehmet Akif Ersoy from Habertürk TV, who has been reporting from Kabul, said that he was approached by an armed Taliban militant who told him that he was accepted to İnönü University. 

"A Taliban member approached our crew. He spoke Turkish. He showed me his ID and a paper. He was accepted to Malatya's İnönü University. He told me that he wants to go to Turkey. He said, 'I will receive my education in Turkey,'" Ersoy said on Aug. 23, prompting surprise among viewers.

The program's host was also surprised to learn that a Taliban member was accepted to a Turkish university and asked, "Is he a regular citizen?" 

"No, he's not. He's an armed Taliban member," said Ersoy in response. 

Upon criticism on social media, İnönü University rector Prof. Ahmet Kızılay said that students from Afghanistan will be registered after evaluations are made by the state's relevant security units. 

"We're following the issue closely," Kızılay said, without refuting the Taliban militant's remarks.