Tent camps flooded in quake-torn Hatay once again, residents gripe

The tents set up after the disastrous Feb.6 earthquakes in southeastern Turkey’s Hatay province were once again flooded following heavy rains. Earthquake survivors living in tents for the last eight months are concerned about the coming winter months.

Burcu Özkaya Günaydın / Gazete Duvar

Heavy rains in Turkey’s southeastern Hatay province have left tents and containers set up after Feb. 6 earthquakes flooded once again as the winter arrives. Residents of the Defne District still live in tents eight months after the quakes like other survivors.

The heavy downpour has flooded the tents and containers that house dozens of people. Their belongings were damaged and the residents expressed tiredness as flooding occurs after almost every rainfall.

One earthquake survivor said that the few belongings they had were soaked after the first rain of the season and that they are worried about the coming winter months.

Another stated that she has given hope on the government and that they felt neglected living in filthy tents for months. She noted that they have been experiencing problems in hygiene and housing, which authorities have ignored.

One survivor lost her son in the earthquake and sent her grandchildren out of the city to protect them from dust and disease. She has been living in a tent since the earthquake, which was either flooded during winter or boiling hot during summer. 

Hatay was one of the provinces most affected by the earthquakes. Thousands of people lost their lives while tens of thousands of houses were damaged or completely destroyed.

The residents in temporary housing facilities have experienced floodings many times in the past months.

(English version by Ayşenaz Toptaş)