Thieves steal cat along with money, phone from flat in Istanbul

Three thieves have stolen a Persian cat along with mobile phones, laptops and some money from a flat in Istanbul’s Şişli district while the landlord and her friend were sleeping.

Duvar English

Three thieves who covered their faces with surgical masks broke into a flat early on July 23 in Istanbul’s Şişli district while the owner of the house, Merve Zeyni, and her friend were sleeping in their rooms. 

The thieves stole two laptops, two mobile phones, jewelry and a total of 12,000 liras. The thieves also stole Zeyni's 3-year-old Persian cat named “Mar” while leaving the flat, Demirören News Agency (DHA) reported on July 28.

Realizing that the house was stolen and the cat is missing, Zeyni informed the police and filed a criminal complaint. Zeyni saw that her cat was also stolen when she watched the security camera footage of the apartment.

Zeyni told DHA that the police could not find any fingerprints in the flat. 

Zeyni said, “(The cat) definitely looks at when it was called ‘Mar’. It is so calm. Also, since it is three years old, it may be a little difficult for the thieves to sell it. There is a possibility that they will leave it on the street. If anyone sees or hears it, if they inform me somehow, I would be very happy.”

She said she is worried more about her cat rather than financial loss. “When I enter my house, I experience the absence of my cat every second. I can't get into my house. It is very difficult. I can say that it is as valuable as my parents morally. They stole my child from my house. They broke into my house at 6 in the morning, stole everything and took my cat and left.”