Turkey deactivates second mine found floating off its coast

The Turkish military has announced that it deactivated a second mine found off the coast of İğneada in the Black Sea.

Duvar English 

A Turkish military dive team secured a mine detected off the coast of the northern İğneada district, close to the border with Bulgaria, Turkey's defense ministry said on March 28. 

The ministry said on March 28 the teams deployed to the area had begun deactivating the mine. The ministry later announced that the mine had been deactivated. 

A first mine was found on March 26 and defused by the Turkish navy, after a fisherman had reported seeing it about two kilometers off Rumelifeneri, on the entrance of the Bosphorus north of Istanbul.

The Black Sea is a major shipping route for grain, oil and oil products. It links to the Marmara and the Mediterranean seas via the Bosphorus Strait.