Turkey marks warmest April in five decades

Turkey’s Meteorological Service announced that the country observed its warmest April since 1971, with all regions experiencing temperatures four degrees above season averages. All months of 2024 have broken seasonal temperature records.

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The past April was the hottest in the last 53 years, with temperatures rising by 4.3°C above normal, reported Turkey’s Meteorological Service. Average temperatures exceeded seasonal norms in all regions.

The average temperature for April, based on 1991-2020 norms, was 12.3 degrees, while the temperature in April 2024 reached 16.6 degrees.

Turkey's average April temperature graph exhibits constant increase since 1971, the red line denotes the 30-year average of 12.3°C.

The central Anatolian region saw the highest increase in average temperature in April 2024 with 15.1 degrees, which was 4.7 points higher than seasonal temperatures.

The southeastern region’s Ceylanpınar district broke the highest temperature record for the month. The weather reached 38.9 degrees, and another 29 districts marked extreme temperatures in the country. 

Since the beginning of 2024, each month has seen temperatures rise above the long-term norms. The report indicated that January 2024 was 2.8 degrees warmer than normal, February was 3.5 degrees warmer, March saw an increase of 1.5 degrees, and April experienced a 4.3-degree rise in temperature.

Effects of climate change becoming increasingly noticeable in Turkey, and experts warn against extreme weather events. 

The summer of 2023 marked the highest temperature recorded in the country, as the Hassa district in southeastern Hatay province reached 50 degrees Celsius on Aug. 14. 

Half of the population would face water shortage before 2030, warned the Agriculture and Forestry Minister İbrahim Yumaklı. 

Some 36 out of Turkey's 81 provinces were classified as being at “high” or “very high” risk due to changing climate factors, according to a report prepared by architect and urban planner Duygu Bütün.

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