Turkey posts current account deficit of $4.23 billion in September

The current account deficit was 4.23 billion dollars in September, according to the Turkish Treasury and Finance Ministry statistics.


The Turkish central government budget showed a deficit of 78.63 billion lira ($4.23 billion) in September, data from the Treasury and Finance Ministry showed on Oct. 17, while the primary deficit was 45.51 billion lira.

Budget payments for a scheme that makes up for lira depositors' losses against hard currencies (KKM), introduced in December to stem the lira's decline, stood at 9.3 billion lira in September.

In the first nine months of the year, the budget had a deficit of 45.5 billion lira and a primary surplus of 161.6 billion lira. KKM payments stood at 84.9 billion lira in that period.