Turkey seeks help from technology in tackling COVID-19: I'm a police drone, put on your mask!

Turkish police have employed the aid of drones to help enforce COVID-19 precautions in big cities. Video has emerged from Istanbul, where a police drone is heard warning the public while officers stand by.

A police drone is seen flying near a house in the western province of Manisa in this file photo.

Duvar English

Turkish police have employed the help of drones in enforcing COVID-19 precautions, although the machines still require an officer to be onsite to navigate it.

A video shared by journalist Hilmi Hacaloğlu shows a police drone in Istanbul's bustling Eminönü district warning the public.

"I'm a police drone! For your safety, please wear a mask!" the machine is hear saying, while officers stand nearby.

While police had previously used drones to enforce curfews, the machines' employment in enforcing precautions seems redundant, as an officer is needed to be onsite to fly it anyway.