Turkey's Akbank out of service for more than a day, prompting cyber-attack rumors

Turkey's Akbank has been out of service for more than a day, prompting users to question whether it was hacked. Akbank dismissed the rumors on July 6, but the outage continued on July 7.

Duvar English 

Users of Turkey's Akbank have been infuriated due to the bank being out of service for more than a day, prompting rumors of a possible cyber attack. 

The bank's digital banking system went out of service on July 6, infuriating millions of users for not being able to carry out their transactions. 

Akbank dismissed claims that it was hacked in a statement on July 6. 

"There are no security breaches. Our related units are working to solve the problem," it said on Twitter, failing to calm the bank's users down. 

Akbank became a trending topic on Twitter on July 7 as the outage continued, prompting the bank to release another statement. 

"The outages stemming from technical issues in our bank's main computer are ongoing. Efforts to solve the issue is ongoing. Our customers can access the precuations we adopted from our website," it said, adding that it apologizes. 

On its website, Akbank said that customers' scheduled payments to the bank were delayed for a day and that no interest for late payment will be applied to those unable to make their payments because of the outage. 

International hacktivist group Anonymous, meanwhile, said that they didn't hack Akbank upon a question. 

"We didn't attack Akbank. But we know they were hacked many times. We think they won't be able to hide that at this," it said on July 6.