Turkey's competition board to probe Philips over online sales

Turkey's Competition Board will be investigating Philips for reportedly violating the legal code regulating competition. The appliance manufacturer violated online sale regulations, the board claimed, though they didn't specify further.

Duvar English

Turkey's Competition Board launched an investigation into Turkish Philips company on charges of illegally limiting licensed vendors' online sales by meddling with re-sale prices. 

A sub-company of Dutch conglomerate Philips, the appliance manufacturer is accused of violating Turkish code Article 4054 that regulates hindrance of competition, including collusion, in written or verbal form.

Philips Turkey is facing scrutiny along with small appliance vendors, possibly for colluding on online prices, although the board notice didn't specify. 

A probe by the competition board does not directly imply guilt, as the companies may be cleared of the charges.