Turkey’s Constitutional Court finds rights violations in half of cases during 2022

Turkey's Constitutional Court received around 520,000 applications since the right to individual application was introduced in 2012. The court ruled on 35,407 cases in 2022 where at least one right violation was identified which is 50 percent of the total cases adjudicated by the court.

Duvar English

Turkey’s Constitutional Court (AYM) has shared statistics on the 400,877 cases it has concluded out of approximately 520,000 applications from September 2012 when the right to the individual application was introduced to June 2023. 

The top court ruled inadmissibility in about 315,000 of the finalized applications and decided that at least one right was violated in 70,441 applications. The court did not find any violation of rights in 1166 applications. 

Out of the applications in which the AYM ruled that at least one right was violated, 35,407 (50.4 percent) of them were decided in 2022. It is also constituted 50 percent of the total cases adjudicated by the court during 2022.

This graph is taken from AYM's report.

The right to be tried within a reasonable time constituted 56,443 of the applications among the total decisions. This figure was followed by 3,511 decisions on freedom of expression, 3,489 decisions on violation of property rights, and 3,454 decisions on violation of the right to a fair trial. 

The number of pending individual applications also skyrocketed in 2022 with 67.297 cases constituting 62.3 percent of the total pending cases. 

The top court received 21.305 applications in the first half of 2023 and ruled in 8.172 cases that at least one right was violated.