Turkey’s election council announces official results, rules re-election in seven constituencies

Following the completion of the process regarding the objections of political parties to Turkey’s local elections held on March 31, the Supreme Election Council (YSK) announced the final election results. Elections in three districts and four towns will be held again on June 2.

Duvar English

Turkey’s Supreme Election Council (YSK) on May 6 announced the official results of the local elections upon the completion of the objections submitted by the political parties.

In line with the decisions of the YSK, the elections on June 2 will be renewed in Kayseri province’s Pınarbaşı, Şanlıurfa province’s Hilvan, and Aksaray province’s Güzelyurt districts. 

Moreover, the ballot boxes will be set again in Sivas province’s Güneykaya, Kırklareli province’s Büyükkarıştıran, Tunceli province’s Akpazarı, and Aksaray province’s Sağlık towns due to cancelled elections.

According to the final results of the elections, 34 political parties participated in the elections. With 61.44 million registered voters in 207,848 polling stations, the turnout rate was 80.09 per cent.

The highest turnout was 84.97 percent in western Manisa province for metropolitan municipalities and 83.44 percent Artvin province in the Black Sea for provincial municipalities.

The lowest turnout was in eastern Diyarbakır province with 67.34 percent for metropolitan municipalities, eastern Bingöl province with 59.63 percent for provincial municipalities, and Diyarbakır’s Bağlar district with 59.76 percent for district municipalities.

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) secured victory in 14 out of 30 metropolitan municipalities, while the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) won 12. The pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Equality and Democracy (DEM) Party took three, and the Islamist far-right New Welfare Party (YRP) won one.

Out of the 51 provincial municipalities, CHP claimed 21, AKP secured 12, the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) won eight, DEM Party won seven, the nationalist Good (İYİ) Party took one, the ultra-nationalist Grand Unity Party (BBP) secured one, and YRP gained one.