Turkey's hunger threshold surpasses minimum wage by $91

Turkey’s hunger threshold reached 14,025 Turkish lira ($485) and surpassed minimum wage (11,402 liras, $394) by $91 in November. The poverty threshold reached 45,686 liras ($1,580) and hit four times the minimum wage two months in a row, data from the Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (Türk-İş) revealed.

Duvar English

The Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (Türk-İş) reported that the hunger threshold in Turkey, signifying the minimum funds required to prevent a four-member family from starving for a month, reached 14,025 Turkish liras ($485) in November which is $91 higher than the minimum wage (11,402 liras, $394).

The union’s data indicated that the country’s poverty threshold increased to 45,686 liras ($1,580) in November, hitting the minimum wage four times two months in a row.

The poverty threshold demonstrates the money needed for a family of four to feed itself sufficiently and healthily, and it also covers expenditures on basic necessities such as clothing, rent, electricity, water, transportation, education, and health.

Within just one month, the hunger threshold surged by $35, while the poverty threshold increased by $21. The minimum wage also eroded by $3 in the same period.

The cost of living of a single employee was determined as 18,239 liras per month. 

While the monthly inflation was 2.5 percent, 12-month food inflation was 80.12 per cent, annual inflation was 86.42 percent. The average price per kilogram of vegetables was 24.40 liras and the average price per kilogram of fruit was 36.41 liras.

Milk prices increased by 8.5 percent in November compared to October. A litre of milk started to be sold at an average of 34.5 liras in markets while cheese and yoghurt prices remained same.

There was no significant change in meat prices compared to October, minced meat was sold at an average of 331 liras and beef cubes were sold at an average of 356 liras.