Turkey's Liquor Stores Platform says not to sell Kızılay Mineral Water products

Turkey’s Liquor Stores Platform has announced that its member stores will no longer sell a mineral water brand that is produced by the Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) after the organization has drawn severe ire with its sales of food items and tents to charity Ahbap during the post-earthquake period.

Duvar English

Özgür Aybaş, the head of Turkey's Liquor Stores Platform, has said that its member stores have taken a decision not to sell Kızılay brand mineral water.

Kızılay mineral water products are a registered trademark of the Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay), which has recently drawn severe criticism after it has come to light that the organization had sold tents and food items to Ahbap charity to be distributed to earthquake victims.  

In a statement released on Twitter, Aybaş said: “As Turkey Liquor Stores Platform (TBP), we have taken the decision to not sell Kızılay Mineral Water products at the stores.”

Aybaş also wrote: “You also support (us) by not drinking (Kızılay Mineral Water products). Our decision is advisory.”