Turkey’s media watchdog bans famous pop singer’s music video about love between two men

Turkey’s media watchdog RTÜK has banned famous pop singer Mabel Matiz’s new music video “Karakol” (The Police Station) from being broadcast, RTÜK opposition member İlhan Taşçı announced. The music video in question describes the love between two men.

Duvar English

Famous pop singer Mabel Matiz's new song about the love of two men is currently talked about a lot on social media platforms in Turkey.

The song named "Karakol" (The Police Station) was launched on the last day of the Pride Month and a few days after police used force against Pride March supporters in Istanbul. However, the song's music video has been immediately banned from being broadcast on TV channels by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK). 

“RTÜK called all music channels one by one for Mabel Matiz's latest song to 'not broadcast’ it. They are against everything that is not like themselves,” RTÜK’s member from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) İlhan Taşçı said on July 1.

After the famous singer launched his song's music video, he became the target of LGBTI+ opponents on social media. 

The hashtag reading "#MabelMatizHaddiniBil" (Mabel Matiz, know your place) became the top trending topic on Twitter.

In the face of these lynching messages, Matiz's fans and LGBTI+ groups shared posts in support of him. 

“We are following with great sadness the targeting of Mabel Matiz, who brought us the melodies and rhythms of this geography with great care and effort,” LGBTI+ advocacy group Kaos GL said on July 1.

After messages of support poured in, Matiz on July 2 said on Twitter: "I am crying tears of joy. I sincerely thank you for your messages, comments, and for embracing 'Karakol' in such a nice way."