Turkey's media watchdog orders removal of internet show with trans woman

Turkey's media watchdog has ordered the removal of an internet show where trans woman Çağla Akalın was talking about her past and her pains. A fine was also imposed on the platform that the show was aired, adding to the country's transphobic practices.

Duvar English 

Turkey's Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) has fined an online content platform for airing a show featuring a trans woman, adding to the country's transphobic practices. 

The RTÜK has asked Exxen to remove the episode of the show Katarsis in which trans actress Çağla Akalın talked about her past and the difficulties she experienced in life.

Akalın said that she was alerted by her fans about the program aired in March being missing and that she called the show's host, Gökhan Çınar, to ask about what happened. 

"Çınar told me that he just found out about the episode being removed and that he was saddened about it," Akalın told Oda TV.

Saying that nothing in the show would disturb the audience, Akalın denied RTÜK's claim that her life would pose a negative example for the viewers. 

"If my past pains and tears deserve punishment, so be it. My life is not one that would lead people astray or set an example. I didn't try to impose my life on anyone," Akalın said. 

"My life consists of things that would be lessons for the people, but we are not even allowed to say these anymore," she added. 

The RTÜK is known for issuing arbitrary fines against government critics and shows that it deems "immoral" based on so-called "family values."