Turkey's intel agency to job applicants: We are after you and know you very well

The Turkish Intelligence Organization (MİT) has released a video on its webpage which addresses job applicants with the following sentence: “We are after you and know you very well.”

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Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has updated its webpage through which citizens can submit their resumes should they seek a job in the organization.

MİT also shared a video on the relevant webpage, which starts with someone addressing viewers with the following sentence: “We are after you and we know you very well.”

“We know how curious you are about reading and that you are closely following what is going on in the world. We know that you are using the technology in an effective way, and your most secret weapon is knowledge. We know that your heart is full of patriotism and whenever you see the star and crescent, some dust gets into your eye,” the video continues saying.

“We know that you are attached to your history, but are not living in the past and are ready to create a difference for a good future. This is why we are after you and want to work with you. Let's leave a trace together in the tomorrow of the country.