Turkey’s western Muğla province sees 178 fires in 2024

The Aegean Muğla province has seen 178 fires only in 2024, burning 247 hectares of forest and agricultural areas, the province’s governor announced.

This file photo shows a fire broke out this week in Muğla's touristic Bodrum district

Duvar English

Muğla Governor İdris Akbıyık on July 11 announced that the coastal province has seen 178 fires in 2024, state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

In a press conference, Akbıyık said 2024 “is a bit drier than other years,” and 178 fires burned 247 hectares of forest and agricultural areas.

102 of these fires were forest fires, whereas 76 of them broke out in the agricultural areas.

Akbıyık said that they were constantly taking new measures to prevent fires. “The attention of citizens is very important. Entry to forested areas and picnics and barbecues have been banned in certain areas. Beekeepers were required to have fire extinguishers. We are trying to take every precaution to minimize forest fires."

Many Mediterranean countries are at risk from continued high temperatures and high winds.