Actress Demet Evgar becomes UN Women Turkey’s Goodwill Ambassador

Turkish actress Demet Evgar has become UN Women Turkey’s first National Goodwill Ambassador under the slogan of "I am a Woman" (#BenKadınım).

Duvar English

Turkish actress Demet Evgar has become United Nations (UN) Women’s first National Goodwill Ambassador in Turkey, UN Women Turkey announced on March 7. 

“Join us in welcoming our first National Goodwill Ambassador Demet Evgar! With the transformative power of her art, we are ready to make a change. #IamaWoman #DemetEvgarXUNWomen,” UN Women Turkey tweeted declaring Evgar’s ambassadorship.

The partnership will continue for two years with Evgar, who is known for her support for women's rights and gender equality.

The campaign has been launched under the slogan of "I’m a Woman" (#BenKadınım) and encourages women to increase their awareness with regards to their potential, not to remain silent, and to be united against violence and discrimination. 

“It is of course a great honor but a great responsibility to be declared a Goodwill Ambassador before 8 March International Women's Day, where we celebrate all the rights that women have gained through difficult processes and revisit the ongoing inequalities. We want to be able to say that I am a woman, I am against violence, I am a woman, I am a defender of my rights, I am a woman, I want to work, I demand care for my children, I am a woman, I must have access to services for my needs,” Evgar said about her ambassadorship.

“Many women are born into the violence and inequalities to which they are subjected. I want to be able to walk with them and present their role model stories so that their heightened awareness can change, so that they can speak up when they are exposed to violence and face inequalities,” Evgar further said.

The United Nations Women Turkey works in close cooperation with the government, non-governmental organizations, private sector, media, other UN organizations and international partners to advance gender equality and women's empowerment in all areas of life in Turkey.