Turkish Airlines paving the way for pilots to pray in cockpit

Turkish Airlines is preparing to bring a regulation paving the way for pilots to pray in cockpit and passengers in aircraft cabin, said the company’s CEO Ahmet Bolat.

Duvar English

Turkish Airlines (THY), the national flag carrier, is preparing to bring a regulation for pilots wanting to pray in the cockpit and for passengers in the aircraft cabin. 

THY CEO Ahmet Bolat made the comments as he answered the question of a user on Linkedln.

A user named “Fener bahçe” wrote that he wants “freedom in headscarf and beard.” “Our esteemed president has also brought freedom in beard in the civil service. We also want you to give an instruction with regards to this issue,” said the user, referring to the current government’s relaxing rules governing the appearance of civil servants.

In response, Bolat said: “Please do not make me talk with regards to the headscarf issue as I had to look for wig for my daughters in 2005 in Beyoğlu (district) for them to enter the university exams. Beard is a more secondary issue next to that. Firstly, a rule is coming for those wanting to perform their praying duty in cockpit and (aircraft) cabin. Thank you for reminding me.”