Turkish authorities release country manager of company where mining disaster occurred in six hours

Turkish authorities released Cengiz Demirci, the Canadian SSR Mining's country manager, approximately six hours after his detention in the investigation into the mine disaster in Erzincan province.

Duvar English

In the investigation initiated by the Erzincan Chief Public Prosecutor's Office regarding the landslide in the Anagold Mine in the İliç district of Erzincan province, six suspects were arrested and two suspects were released under judicial control measures.

Cengiz Demirci, "Turkey Country Manager" of the company operating the gold mine, was also detained as part of the investigation on Feb. 18, yet he was released about six hours later. 

Anagold Mining, 80 percent owned by the Canadian SSR Mining and 20 percent by the Çalık Group close to the Turkish government, has been operating in the mine since 2009.

Demirci was released on judicial control conditions after being referred to İliç Courthouse.

Six suspects, including the Canadian manager of the company, were arrested during the investigation.

A landslide at the Çöpler Gold Mine on Feb 13. trapped nine workers under thousands of tons of mass consisting of cyanide. Workers stated that the company had known about the landslide risk ahead of the disaster.

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change on Feb. 17 announced that the mine's license had been canceled.