Turkish citizens try to deal with soaring poverty by decreasing meal quantities, staying hungry

Turkish citizens are trying to cope with increasing poverty through various methods, including decreasing their meal quantities, staying hungry and not buying meat at all.

Duvar English

A shocking percentage of Turkish people are trying to deal with the soaring food prices by decreasing their meal quantities and going hungry.

A survey conducted by MetroPoll Research Company asked citizens what they were doing to “get by” in the face of deteriorating economic conditions.

Some 50.3 percent of survey participants said they decreased their meal quantities, while 31.9 percent they were “occassionally going hungry,” and 61.8 percent said they stopped eating meat at all.

The survey results were shared by MetroPoll head Özer Sencar on Twitter.

Some 53.7 percent of survey participants reported wearing thick clothes and not using heating, while 57.9 percent said they were washing their clothes less.

And 62.5 percent of participants who owned a car said that they stopped using their vehicles, as the fuel prices similarly also skyrocketed.