Turkish Coffee | Episode 4: A Turkish Dystopia... in space

Prompted by Ankara's plans to step foot on the moon by 2023, Nazlan Ertan and Aygen Aytaç take a look back at dystopian and utopian narratives and keep the audience guessing: Is Turkey's space plan fact or fiction?

Duvar English

Inspired by Turkey's unveiling of the 10-year Space Program, Aygen Aytaç and Nazlan Ertan dwell on dystopias and utopias, with examples from news, literature and global trends.

The two journos keep the listeners guessing on what is fact and what is fiction: searching for natural resources in space; live-in marriage counsellors to ensure that a family has three kids;  attempts to privatize the judiciary; Turkish poets moving to Australia collectively to create a 'Green Country' and women finding that their rights were taken away overnight.