Turkish court arrests woman for throwing national flag in trash bin

A Turkish court on July 13 ordered the arrest of a woman for throwing the national flag into a trash bin in the southern province of Adana, Demirören news agency reported.

Duvar English

A court in the southern province of Adana on July 13 ordered the arrest of a woman for taking down a Turkish flag hanging in front of an enterprise and throwing it in a trash can, Demirören news agency reported.

The incident was caught on security cameras, prompting police to determine the identity of the woman known only as Merve D.

The woman was detained and referred to a court which ordered her arrest.

Article 300 of the Turkish Criminal Code criminalizes damaging, tearing or insulting the flag.

“Any person who publicly degrades the Turkish flag by tearing, burning it or similar action shall be sentenced to a penalty of imprisonment for a term of one to three years,” says the relevant article.

Merve D
Merve D. is seen escorted by the police.