Turkish court cancels fine issued for breaking Covid-19 social distancing rules

A Turkish court has canceled a fine issued to a citizen on the grounds of flouting Covid-19 social distancing rules whilst dining at an Istanbul restaurant with his friends.

Duvar English 

Lawyer Cankat Şir was fined in April 2020 for breaching social distancing rules whilst eating a restaurant in Istanbul’s neighborhood of Şişli.

One year later, Cankat Şir received a 3,180 TL fine, The Independent Türkçe reported on Jan. 4.

Yet six months later, the Istanbul 6th Criminal Court of Peace rescinded the fine on the grounds that "social distancing rules only apply to third parties and does not apply to family members and friends."

Last year, several people across Turkey were fined for violating the rules the government introduced at the time to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

People were constantly urged to heed calls to stay at home and abide by social distancing rules.