Turkish court releases police chief detained for theft in earthquake zone

A police chief assigned to the earthquake zone has been detained on charges of stealing relief supplies. Even though the prosecutor sought his arrest, the police chief was released by a court order and suspended from his position.

Duvar English

A police chief who was assigned to the İslahiye district of Gaziantep after the Feb. 6-dated major earthquakes is facing charges of stealing aid materials that were prepared to be distributed to the survivors. The police chief was detained following a denunciation, yet the judge ordered his release.

On Feb. 26, after his duty ended in the quake zone, the police chief returned to his home in the northwestern province of Tekirdağ. However, he reportedly took with him relief materials such as a generator, tents, sleeping bags, coats, boots, and dog food. 

The police chief was detained on the charges but shortly afterwards released by a court order despite the decision of the Tekirdağ Public Prosecutor's Office.

The Tekirdağ Governor's Office released a statement, saying that the police chief in question was suspended from his position.